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What separates your clinic from all other volleyball camps/clinic?

    • It lasts 5 weeks, and offers "Progressive Training" that brings the athletes right into the fall season.  This is the best way to prepare for an upcoming season (not just going to a 1 week camp).

    • It combines both Volleyball Training and Athletic Performance Training in each session.

    • It takes place outdoors on the sand. By training outside in the sand, wind and sun - a player learns to have great ball control and attains great fitness improvements from training in the sand.  After training for 5 weeks outdoors, playing indoors is much easier.

    • Mental Athletic Performance Training is part of this program.  This plays a HUGE part in an athletes success and is rarely taught or practiced.

    • Sports Nutrition is part of this training program.  Athletes are taught what foods will help them become the healthiest and most powerful volleyball player.

  • The Coaches and Trainers are the people actually training the athletes.  They aren't just sitting around and supervising other less qualified people train the athletes.


    • My child won't be able to attend all 10 training sessions.  Is that a problem?  Can the price be adjusted?


  • That's not a problem.  Many athletes aren't able to make all 10 sessions.  The summer is a very busy time for athletes and families (other camps, family vacations, etc.).  Just try and attend as many as you can!
  • The price of the clinic cannot be adjusted for sessions that the athlete can't attend.  When you break it down, the hourly price of the clinic is about the same as a babysitter is paid.  Even if you miss a couple of sessions, the clinic is still an unbelievable value!

If I drop my chi
ld off, what is there for me to do in the area for 2 1/2 hours?

  • If you want to stay at Nickerson Beach, you can:  go to the beach (no swimming! Lifeguards are off duty), let your other kids play at the playground or skatepark, hang out and read a book.
  • If you want to take a short drive, there are the towns of Point Lookout (1/2 mile east) and Long Beach (2 miles west).  Point Lookout is a quiet little town that offers a small grocery store, a couple of places to eat and a couple of parks.  Long Beach is a very vibrant town that has a large amount of stores and restaurants.  It also has a great boardwalk right on the ocean that spans 2 miles.

    •   Can the parent/guardian stay and watch the training sessions?
      • Absolutely!  Parents/Guardians are encouraged to stay and watch the training sessions.  With most camps/clinics, you drop off your child and you have no idea what goes on.  We love when parents/guardians can watch the program, the coaches, the trainers and their child engage in the program.


What should athletes wear to training?  What "things" should they bring with them each night?

      • Typicall it is warm outside, so athletes should wear shorts and a t-shirt to training.  (If it's chilly out, then of course a sweatshirt and/or sweatpants should be worn on top of the t-shirt and shorts).  Athletes will train in their bare feet in the sand.  Sneakers are not typically worn.
      • Athletes should bring LOTS of water (at least 48 ounces), a towel (to wipe the sand off their bodies and/or to dry off if they shower), a hat and/or sunglasses (to keep the sun out of their eyes).

      Are their bathrooms and showers at Nickerson Beach?

      • Yes.  There are both bathrooms and showers right next to the volleyball courts at Nickerson Beach.


      Can a training session be cancelled due to the weather?  How will I be notified?  When is it made up?

    • Training sessions can be cancelled if there is "Severe" weather (Lightning and/or Heavy Rain).  Training sessions will still take place if there is "light" rain.
    • On your clinic registration form, there is an area that asks for the cell phone # to be reached if a session is cancelled.  A text message will be sent to that cell phone number stating that the session is cancelled.  You can also call Ed Hoffman directly at (516) 643-8425 to ask if the session is cancelled.
    • A session that is cancelled is made-up on the Friday of that week.