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THE POWER ADVANTAGE (based in Long Island New York) is a Volleyball Performance Training Company that is committed to providing athletes with ALL of the necessary training methods that will allow them to reach their fullest potential as a volleyball player.

Why the name "THE POWER ADVANTAGE"?  

Simply because high level successful athletes have POWER - and this gives them the ADVANTAGE over other athletes.   They have POWER in all aspects of their sport.

  • Powerful Skills & Knowledge in Volleyball
  • Powerful Athleticism (Vertical Jump, Hitting Power, Speed to Ball)
  • Powerful Mental Toughness (Embracing Stressful Situations During Games, Self-Motivation During Practices & Games)
  • Powerful Nutritional Habits (Fueling The Body With Foods & Nutrients That Will Allow Them To Have High Energy Levels During Games & Practices)

All of these critical areas are infused in our training programs! 

We train athletes the way they should be trained - but nobody else does.

See our Testimonial Page to see why for over 10 years Volleyball Players have flocked to our training programs!

How many times have you or your child gone to a Volleyball Camp/Clinic where they do the same things over and over again (at all the other camps/clinics)?  And you wonder why they really aren't improving that much?  Volleyball Players  need to be trained as ATHLETES - and Athletes need to be trained in Volleyball Skill, Athleticism, Mental Toughness & Nutrition. 

Click on our "Summer Volleyball Clinic" page to see how we provide EVERYTHING that a Volleyball Player needs to Excel!

Be part over the program that has developed HUNDREDS of successful athletes over the past 10 years to reach their fullest potential!

For Questions or Information please contact:
Ed Hoffman

Phone: (516) 643-8425

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