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- From Past Summer Volleyball Programs-



  • This camp advances any volleyball player in their skill, fitness and mental strength- Gabbi B.
  • Ed, I really enjoyed your training camp this summer.  I feel like I am jumping better and even hitting stronger.  Also I feel my stamina on the court has improved.  Thank you so much for all your help!  Our team at New Paltz is also playing very well!  It should be an exciting season. -   Tara Annunziata.  Volleyball Player - SUNY New Paltz
  • I had a really great time attending.  I learned how to control my passes and serves. All of the coaches were super helpful and cared for all of us.  - Brianna
  • This clinic has brought me so much knowledge and confidence.  Totally coming back next year! - Sara T.
  • I am coming back next year!  I met so many people and I am such a better volleyball player.  Thank You! - Giana
  • It was so hard, but that’s what made it fun.  If you want to get stronger and a better all around athletes then THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO! - Molly P.
  • I had a great experience and learned so much! Alyssa G.
  • The training is really tough and at many times you’ll want to give up, but the clinic is excellent and you will be glad you participated in the end.  -Alyssa P.
  • It brought me to push myself and everyone is amazing.  Paige H.
  • I had a great time at camp this year and I believe that it made me a much better volleyball player.  - Nicolette S.
  • I had a great time at camp.  It got me in better condition for tryouts and a better volleyball player overall. - Nicole J.
  • I had an amazing experience at The Power Advantage!  The coaches are very nice and the program boosted my confidence and improved my skills.  -  Toni L.
  • This clinic helped me and now I feel in better shape for tryouts both physically and volleyball wise. - Scarlet C.
  • I really like the camp!  I am definitely coming back next year!
  • This summer's training GREATLY helped me improve for tryouts and I am happy that I attended!
  • I had a blast attending this clinic and it helped me mentally and physically.  It was a lot of fund and I learned new things as well as improving as a volleyball player.  Jenna P.
  • Awesome Camp!  I had a great time this summer!
  •  Thank you so much!  I had a great time and experience.  I want to do this again next year.  I learned how to jump so much higher!
  • It has been extrememly helpful.  THANK YOU!
  • All the coaches are super nice and helpful for both volleyball and conditioning.  I like doing the position specific training!
  • A Very Good Camp.  It taught me alot of new and helpful things about volleyball.  Also helped me gain confidence about my skills
  • I like the camp this year.  It increased my phyical and mental toughness and prepared me for tryouts.  I feel stronger and more confident in my play.  The coaches worked us hard!
  • This camp was very helpful.  I feel like every time I come, I improve.  The conditioning is sometimes hard, but when I get on the court I'm very fast and more balanced.  I can't wait to come back to this camp next year!!
  • The coaches were really encouraging!  The workouts were intense but that was good because it helped me become better.  I feel  more confident going into high school tryouts!
  • I enjoy this camp alot and can't wait for next year!
  • This program helped me boost my confidence about how I play and helped me control my thoughts when I don't do so well at a game.
  • This was my 2nd summer in this program and I am 100% coming back for my 3rd time.  LOVE IT!
  • I really enjoyed this camp.  It was different from all other camps I ever attended.  In fact, this was my first beach camp and I love it.  At first it was difficult, but with the support of the coaches this experience was an unforgettable one.  I will definitely be coming back next year.  And thank you so much for everything The Power Advantage.


I just wanted to say thank you to you and the other camp coaches for doing such a great job at the Power Advantage beach VB camp.  My daughter really enjoyed it.  She liked the different stations: conditioning, position specific, and game play.  The camp was very well organized. I thought it was a great idea to incorporate nutrition and sports psychology.  I also liked that at the end of the day you brought all the campers together for a summary of the day or some good  'take away' advice.  The coaches knowledge and passion for the game were evident - and I could see they did their best to pass that on to the campers.

Thank you and see you next year...


Mary Jayne Dreyer


Hi Coach Hoffman- 

My 13 year old daughter attended the Power Advantage Volleyball clinic this past summer (2014). I can not even begin to explain how happy she was with this program. Not only did her volleyball skills improve  but so did her strength, endurance, and determination. She began to think like an athlete. She began to believe that she had the ability within herself to improve as a player. She learned that it was up to HER to put in the effort to use the unique tools (mental training,goal setting, nutrition, and pre-hab exercise) this program gave her. This program empowered my child to be the best she can be. Ed Hoffman is an outstanding coach and person. He understands that a player is so much more than strength and natural talent. He aims to train the whole person body and mind. My daughter walked away more confident as an individual and as a player. And by the way, she made the JV team. ?. Thank you Coach Hoffman for your knowledge, kindness and for sharing your passion for volleyball with our family.

Sincerely, Kathryn F.

I thought the camp was well run and planned out. The athletes were pushed to elevate their training and play. What I liked most was that the athletes were not only taught how to improve their volleyball skills but also how to be an athlete and take care of their mind and body.....Christine Radomski

Power Advantage is the only program out there that not only educates you on how to take care of yourself during training but also keeps your body in shape for the upcoming volleyball season.- Anne Ayala

A fun vb camp incorporating skills w/ conditioning and strength: My son was never disappointed with a session and came home feeling confident about his participation. Great coaches!

My daughter really enjoyed her time at Power Advantage this summer. She got great conditioning and improved her confidence level along with her skills. It"a volleyball boot camp! ~ Laura K.

This was Nicole's 4th consecutive year at clinic. Every year has been as good as the previous, usually better. She has always been ready for tryouts and season after attending, Thanks!

I thought the volleyball training camp was awesome. I loved not only did the trainers teach the basis fundamentals, but also the importance of nutrition. Thank you for making my daughters experience a great one!

My daughter Sydney had a wonderful experience this summer. She absolutely loved the trainers and was so impressed of their knowledge of volleyball. Every night she would come home and say, "I cant wait until I go back". Thank you Mr. Hoffman and staff for giving my daughter a wonderful experience.-  Sincerlely, Nicole Chiffriller

My daughter came home sore and sandy and loved it!!!! She is looking forward to returning next summer... Lisa Pugh

Loved the camp. I like the level and intensity of the training and the various fitness and volleyball skill stations.

The Power Advantage is an intense volleyball training program that challenged my daughter mentally & physically helping her train for upcoming competitive volleyball team tryouts. She loved the coaches and was inspired by them. She took the lessons they taught her and is applying these skills to her game. She also made some nice new friends and had a great time!

my daughter really benefited, thank you. she never complained, always looked forward and said she finally perfected her jump serve.

Very happy my daughter attended this program

Each week the workout changed a bit which kept the kids interested and focused. All of the coaches/trainers were excellent.

My daughter benefited greatly from the workouts and the conditioning drills. The extra practice devoted to serving, was a welcomed add- on.The instructors were professional and motivating.We are excited that this camp might possibly give our daughter a better chance at making the Junior Varsity team at Kellenberg in 9th grade.She will definitely return to this camp next summer!

From what I had seen and what my daughter had told me it was an intense conditioning workout... it seemed to help her get stronger and gain more confidence in herself...

The Power Advantage was an intense program that challenged my daughter mentally & physically. She looked forward to the challenge each week, made friends & had fun! I will recommend it to other volleyball players & their parents.

Wonderful, loved how it covered nutrition, and the importance of proper exercise

I thought it was great. My daughter was exhausted after each session. And that's a good thing. I can not wait to see the results in the gym.

I think it was fantastic! You and your team gave the kids so much information and a variety of physical activities to strengthen them, improve their skills and keep them safe.

The program was very well run and organized. The training and educational workshops were excellent.