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Athletes Will Receive......

Expert Beach Doubles Volleyball Training.

Ed Hoffman The Power Advantage Volleyball

Ed Hoffman - M.S., C.S.C.S. (Owner of The Power Advantage) Ed has over 20 years of Beach Volleyball Experience. He has won numerous AA Level Doubles Beach Tournaments over the years. He has qualified and played in both Regional (Florida) and National (California) level tournaments. Ed also has over 20 years of coaching and training athletes of all ages and abilities. Ed has a Master Degree in Exercise Science and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. In addition, Ed is a Certified Physical Education Teacher (2018 NY State Phys. Ed Teacher of the Year).

*Other Outstanding High Level Coaches Will Be Coaching & Training The Athletes As Well.


High Level Beach Doubles Training Sessions

  • All aspects of the Doubles Beach game are taught and practiced since players need to be able to Pass, Serve,  Set, Hit, Block, and Play Defense in the game of Beach Doubles.
  • Technical and Strategic Drills Specific To Beach Doubles are performed.
  • Competitive Doubles Game Play during practice sessions.
  • Athletes learn The Mental "Game" Within The Game.  Understanding how to control the "Flow" of the Doubles Beach game.
  • Athletes are taught all of this both On the Sand Court  and also in the Indoor Learning facility through the Whiteboard and Video Analysis.

4 Beach Doubles Tournaments with Beach Coaching

  • Athletes will have the ability to play in 4 local doubles beach volleyball tournaments in Long Beach. They will receive coaching throughout the tournaments.
  • The cost of competing in these tournaments is covered in the cost of  this program.

Outstanding Training Facility                  

  • Outstanding Sand Volleyball Courts: At the training sessions, specific Doubles Drills, Skills, Training, Strategy & Game Play will take place on the sand volleyball courts during training sessions.  Athletes will get expert training in all aspects of the beach doubles volleyball game and to prepare them for doubles beach competition.
  • Indoor Learning Facility:  Athletes will be taught Strategies, Techniques & Mindset Skills in the Indoor Learning Facility adjacent to the sand court. Coaches will use a Videos, Whiteboard and Handouts to teach the athletes many important concepts. Also, If the weather becomes poor during training, athletes and coaches will go indoors and continue to learn and improvel
  • Restrooms, Showers, Free Parking & Entry During Training: There are restrooms and showers next to the sand courts.  Parking and entry to the facility are free during the training sessions.

FREE -Wilson AVP Official Beach Volleyball

  • Athletes receive their own Free Official Beach Volleyball - which is the same high quality ball used during the tournaments. ($50 Value)

FREE - Tournament T-Shirt & Backpack

  • Athletes receive a The Power Advantage Tournament T-Shirt ($10 Value)

  • Athletes receive a The Power Advantage Backpack. ($25 Value)

FREE -Injury Prevention/Reduction Exercise Manual
  • Athletes receive a workout guide with exercises to help reduce the likelihood and/or severity of injuries related to volleyball ($25 Value)

FREE- Nutritional Guideline Plan For Training & Tournaments

  • Athletes receive nutritional info. to help improve performance ($25 Value)


PRICE:  $595

SIBLING DISCOUNT ($30 discount off each registration if 2 family members attend - type in "SIBLINGS" into the Promo Code Box during Registration)

REFUND POLICY:  At this time, no payment is necessary to "Pre-Register" for this program.

*Offerings, programs, dates, policies, coaches and trainers are subject to modification and/or change.

AVP AMERICA MEMBERSHIP:  To compete in tournaments, athletes will need to purchase a AVP America Membership (approx. $15).  This cost is not included in the training program.  This will serve as secondary insurance for athletes. Registered athletes will receive information at the first training sessions about how to get this membership.

BEACH ENTRANCE TO LONG BEACH: Long Beach (and other locations) may charge beach admission to spectators on the day of the Tournaments.  Athletes and families are responsible for this charge.  This is different than the Athlete's Tournament Registration Fee, which is included in the price of the Doubles Beach Program.

TESTIMONIALS - Here's just a couple of the testimonials from last summer.

"I love everything about this program, our second year) - the instruction, the joy and the communication . My daughter had so much fun and really improved her volleball skills." - Silvana D.

"My daughter participated in Power Advantage Training Clinic starting last year. This year she added the Beach Doubles Volleyball program at age 14u. She got a lot out of the instructors and enjoyed the tournaments. I found the program was very organized and well run start to finish. We'll definitely be back next year". - Mary M.


Contact Ed Hoffman if you have any questions:


phone: (516) 643-8425



TIME:  5:15pm-8:00pm

DATES:  June 3, 10, 17, 24 July 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29 (Aug 5)

*Wednesday, August 5th is a scheduled make-up session if one of the previous training sessions is fully canceled due to severe weather.  If a session is Not canceled due to weather, then August 5th will be a Free Extra Training Session.

WHERE:  NICKERSON BEACH SAND VOLLEYBALL COURTS (click to see map).  880 Lido Blvd, Lido Beach NY

  • Outdoor Sand Volleyball Courts
  • Indoor Learning Facility - Next To Sand Courts (used for strategy sessions, video analysis and if the weather becomes severe)
  • Bathrooms and Showers
  • Free Parking (during training sessions).


WHEN: Junior Tournaments are typically held on Sundays

TOURNAMENT DATES:  Tournament Dates:  Specific tournament dates are not available yet.

WHERE:  Typically- LONG BEACH, NY - Riverside Blvd

    Long Beach may charge admission on tournament days

STRUCTURE: Tournaments are part of the age based Junior Beach Volleyball Tour

IMPORTANT - Please Read Information Below Before Registering

Does my child need to have a training & playing partner in order to register for this program?

  • If an athlete joins with another athlete - they will train with that athlete during the training sessions and compete with that athlete during the tournaments.
  • If an athlete joins without a partner - they will still receive outstanding training during the training sessions. We will try to match that athlete up with a partner from the training program to play in tournaments - but can't always be guaranteed.

Do both athletes have to be the same age in order to train and compete during the tournaments? 

  • It is fine if the partners aren't the same age.  However, the teams in the tournaments are grouped by age. (18 & under,  16 & under,  14 & under,  12 & under).  There may be a situation where the team may have to play in a higher age division (the age of the older partner) b/c an older partner my not compete in a younger aged tournament, but the younger partner can compete in an older aged tournament.  For more information of the age requirements click on this link:

Does the athlete need to have experience in doubles beach volleyball to join? 

  • No - athletes don't need specific experience in Doubles Beach Volleyball to join, however Doubles Beach Volleyball is quite a challenging sport and it's recommended that athletes have a background in the sport of volleyball. It's recommended that if they join this program with another partner (that they want to play in tournaments with) that they should have similiar volleyball background/experience/skills.  It makes for a more enjoyable experience for both partners.

What is the Nickerson Beach Facility like?

  • It's a fantastic training facility.  It's very conveniently located, just 3/4 mile off of the Loop Pkwy. in Lido Beach.  There are sand volleyball courts, an adjacent indoor facility we use for occasional "classroom" type learning sessions (Video Analysis, X's & O's, Strategy, etc.), numerous bathrooms, showers and plenty of free parking (after 5pm).